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Character Name: Silence
Age: 432
General Notes: Silence is rather short for a man - in the 5'4" range - and deceptively delicate in physique. He's also almost obscenely beautiful, in a rather androgynous way; he's not often mistaken for a woman, but it's happened to him more than once. His skin is almost porcelain pale, and almost entirely unblemished. He's the definition of otherworldly beauty.

This is, as it happens, because Silence is essentially a vampire. Belonging to a race known as mystics, he's essentially a human who was brought back to life as something else. (Mystics aren't strictly undead, but they're probably closer to that than they are to being human.) Mystics don't require blood for sustenance, but instead drink it as a way of siphoning power from others. As such, it's an elective behavior rather than a compulsion, and mystics can even feed off of other mystics. Mystics have (literal) blue blood, superhuman strength, incredible regenerative abilities, the magical ability to charm others, special weapons and armor that can capture the souls of their (non-human) foes to further empower the mystic, very specific and individual areas of quiet insanity, and the aforementioned unnatural beauty. In short, Silence is considerably more formidable than his fragile appearance suggests.

Also, did I mention the giant swallowtail butterfly wings attached to his back? Or that Silence is mute?

Hugging? Certainly!
Kissing? Certainly, though he might raise an eyebrow if it's out of nowhere.
Flirting? He'd be charmed!
Sexing? Silence is relatively relaxed and open on the subject of sex, though he's reluctant to allow emotional attachments to form. So he'd actually respond better to casual offers from relative strangers.
Fighting? Absolutely! But Silence is pretty tough.
Injuring? Sure! He heals fast, though, so it may not last long...
To what extent can I harm your character? Anything short of permanent maiming/killing is fine, but please talk it over with me first!

Inherent content warnings: Nothing in particular I can think of, aside from possible blood talk due to being a vampire.
IC issues to avoid? Nothing significant!
Character-specific triggers/squicks? Silence has been around the block a few too many times to be fazed by much.
Are any character-specific triggers/squicks strictly off-limits? Nothing at all!


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